Aspen Community Program

Creating an active community of seminar participants of Aspen Institute Kyiv Institute is one of the most important results of our activities. Aspen Institute Kyiv invites community members to join the program, which includes 4 two-day seminars per year, and other interesting events - interviews with leading experts in various fields of knowledge and practice, panel discussions, annual meetings of members of the Aspen Alumni, etc. Seminars and other events for the Aspen Community are devoted to issues relevant to the leaders of modern Ukrainian society.

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Public events

Ideas Festival

Fast-moving and comprehensive changes that have become a decisive feature of the present necessitate a rethinking of the underlying foundations of human existence in the world. Technological innovations, social shifts, climate change, economic freedoms, growing stream of information, and the fluidity of public institutions - these and other factors are exacerbating the problems of finding one's own self, establishing an own way of life and a decent place in the community, reassessing values inherited from previous generations.

The Ideas Festival is an open forum for leaders, a place for in-depth study of ideas and problems where it is possible to exchange thoughts about the dignified and happy life of a person in a rapidly developing world. More than 100 speakers, more than 100 individual sessions of various formats and thematic areas - from lectures and presentations to discussions and face to face conversations - create a unique atmosphere of intellectual exploration. The mission of the festival is to unite the efforts of thinkers and leaders of public opinion, business le

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Leadership seminars

“Responsible Leadership” Seminar

“Responsible Leadership” seminar is a flagship event of the Aspen Institute Kyiv. Started in 2008, the seminar allows exploration of the frameworks of fundamental values which lie behind our decision making. Drawing on excerpts from some of the best minds of past and present — authors from Plato and Aristotle to Martin Luther King and Vaclav Havel — seminar participants test their own and others’ beliefs in a challenging and enriching laboratory of ideas. Altogether 16 leadership seminars took place in Ukraine with around 370 participants involved. Two “Responsible Leadership” seminars will be organized in 2018.

“Values and Society” Seminar

With the establishment of the Aspen Institute Kyiv new seminars for emerging leaders were introduced to engage next generation of Ukrainian leaders into meaningful dialogue over the contested notions of human nature, liberty, property, equality, community, justice, and trends that frame our future developments. The Seminars also pro

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Policy Programs

Pursuing long-term goals Aspen Kyiv will start policy programs to support leaders of sectors, which performance is of pivotal importance for the country sustainable development. For 2016−2018 “Education” and “Justice” domains were selected as first priorities for the policy initiatives. Several other programs are being developed, including “Technology and Society”, “National Identity” etc. Policy program will include mapping of a respective sector, provision of venues for open and honest dialogue on the challenges within the sector, public events (public forums), thematic (policy) seminars, policy lunches and round tables, publications.

Justice, Law and Society

Just and fair relations between people is a pillar for the good society. Despite the fact that the concept of justice has always been a subject of discussions, perception of social relations as “being just” is the basement for fruitful social interactions. Thus, position of reform leaders becomes of utmost importance in spreading of new v

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