Policy Programs

Pursuing long-term goals Aspen Kyiv will start policy programs to support leaders of sectors, which performance is of pivotal importance for the country sustainable development. For 2016−2018 “Education” and “Justice” domains were selected as first priorities for the policy initiatives. Several other programs are being developed, including “Technology and Society”, “National Identity” etc. Policy program will include mapping of a respective sector, provision of venues for open and honest dialogue on the challenges within the sector, public events (public forums), thematic (policy) seminars, policy lunches and round tables, publications.

Justice, Law and Society

Just and fair relations between people is a pillar for the good society. Despite the fact that the concept of justice has always been a subject of discussions, perception of social relations as “being just” is the basement for fruitful social interactions. Thus, position of reform leaders becomes of utmost importance in spreading of new values and practices in Ukrainian society. Aspen Institute Kyiv supports leadership platform to ensure more stable and informed influence on justice system reforms in the country. Three thematic seminars, round tables and other convenings were hold under the umbrella of “Justice, Law and Society” policy program. Dialogue platform for Supreme Court judges was launched. Two “Justice, Law and Society” seminars will be organized in 2018.

National identity

Common understanding of what is the national identity of Ukrainians is a controversial issue among the leadership of the country. Different interpretations of history, non-inclusive narratives remain among factors that separate society and lead to the permanent intergroup and interpersonal conflicts. In addition, the problem of national identity in Ukraine is usually considered separately from the global context and rich heritage of global Ukrainian diasporas.

Unbiased and non-partisan dialogue among leaders should contribute to finding foundations of national identity that would nurture diverse values and communities, thus becoming the pillar for the building of inclusive civil and political nation. Thematic seminar on national identity along with other convenings will be organized in 2018.

Program «Realms of the Future» (AspenTeens)

The young person, facing the world of adults, must answer the fundamental questions that determine her future destiny and life path. Modern school education does not provide opportunities for the development of critical thinking and holistic worldview. The goal of the program in 2018 is to host 2 seminars for adolescents aged 14-16, which will create space for discussing important topics such as finding your vocation and profession, building up close relationships with others, a vision of a happy and dignified life in society. The program can be scaled both by increasing the number of groups, and through implementation in other regions of Ukraine.

Sсhool of moderators

Expanding the Aspen Institute Kyiv activities requires the involvement of experienced and competent moderators to carry out activities of varying lengths and formats. The purpose of the Aspen Kyiv School of Moderators is to prepare moderators with sound skills in organizing and conducting events at the Aspen Institute Kyiv. However, the audience of the School of Moderators will not be limited to the needs of the Aspen Institute in Kyiv: the transformations that unfold in modern Ukrainian society create the need for a dialogue of leaders on a wide range of significant issues.

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