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Ideas Festival

Fast-moving and comprehensive changes that have become a decisive feature of the present necessitate a rethinking of the underlying foundations of human existence in the world. Technological innovations, social shifts, climate change, economic freedoms, growing stream of information, and the fluidity of public institutions - these and other factors are exacerbating the problems of finding one's own self, establishing an own way of life and a decent place in the community, reassessing values inherited from previous generations.

The Ideas Festival is an open forum for leaders, a place for in-depth study of ideas and problems where it is possible to exchange thoughts about the dignified and happy life of a person in a rapidly developing world. More than 100 speakers, more than 100 individual sessions of various formats and thematic areas - from lectures and presentations to discussions and face to face conversations - create a unique atmosphere of intellectual exploration. The mission of the festival is to unite the efforts of thinkers and leaders of public opinion, business leaders, territorial communities, artistic associations, charities and other communities to exchange ideas and find ways to turn the best of them into practice. The 2018 Festival of Ideas is scheduled for August 24-26, 2018 in Odessa.

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